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20 Apr '16

Bringing back Glamour

    Glamour is a quality that attracts, fascinates or allures using a combination of charm, good looks and style. When we think of glamour, inevitably the polished, enchanting magic of Old Hollywood comes to mind. Movie stars like Ava Gardner, Hedy Lamarr, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Vivien Leigh, Lana Turner,  Dorothy Dandridge, and of course Marilyn Monroe were mindblowingly glamorous.  They were sexy, confident, and above all mysteriously untouchable. They possessed an air of feminine vulnerability mixed with a undefinable iron clad strength.  Were these women glamorous when they rolled out of bed? No, of course not. Glamour is not natural, it is created.  It takes some effort, but ANYONE can be glamorous if they want to. It is an image that can be carefully crafted with the magic of hair, make-up, and beautiful clothing.

    And so we ask the question, Why Not Bring Glamour Back?! In a society of sweats, bed-head and flip flops, it's the well dressed, carefully groomed gal with an actual hairstyle and a couple of matching accessories that turns heads. It's amazing what a pretty retro dress, some eye catching jewelry, and a killer handbag can do for a girl's outlook...not to mention her opportunities.  When you dress well, you feel better. When you feel good, you project positive vibes and confidence. And that's where we come in. We are committed to bringing a touch of glamour to every customer.  So welcome to Rouge Boutique Half Moon Bay; The Best Revenge is Looking Good.